Counselling Young People and Children

Counselling can be very beneficial to children and young people.  There are many issues around home, school and health that can cause anxiety and stress.  Parental separation, bullying, and bereavement are just a few issues that I see children and young people for in counselling.

I work with children in a different way to working with adults and young people.  I use play as a means for children to process what is going on for them.

The way in which I work with young people is very dependant on the individual.  Some want to sit and talk, others prefer to use creativity, perhaps sketching, drawing and writing.  I work in a way that best suits them.

Before meeting your child we will meet for a Parent Assessment where I can assess your childs needs and gain some insight into how life has been for them.  This will also give you the opportunity to assess if you feel me working with your child may be right for them.  If you decide you would like your child to start counselling I would then ask you to commit to blocks of 6 sessions and pay for these before I meet with your child.  I would ask you to consider the time/travel implications and costs, life can be demanding and financial situations can change.  Counselling children generally takes longer than 6 sessions, although it is impossible to say how long it may take.  We can talk about this further if you feel you are only able to commit short term (although, I still ask for a minimum of 6 sessions).  It is important for a trusting therapeutic relationship to develop and sudden missed sessions can be damaging to the process.  There is a 48 hours notice period for each session and if you or your child decide they do not want to continue counselling and you cancel giving more than 48 hours notice, any fees paid for sessions after the 48 hours would then be returned to you.

When working with an older child you may want to consider if you feel their issues are due to events which have led to difficult communication with yourself. If so, we may consider you both attending counselling together.